Sometimes the best thing you can do is "get in the room" Join the Melanin Millionaire's Club and connect with aspiring 1st Generation Melanin Millionaire's. Led by some of the top Financial thought leaders, you are sure to have a daily dose of valuable money insights to help you on your journey!.
The Melanin Millionaires Club
is the community you’ve been looking for. Imagine an entire community & Financial Social Network, designed to help you level up your money game.
Does this sound like you:
  • You want to learn how to invest, grow a business and better manage your money but there is just so much information on the internet and social media that you don’t know where to start and what to do.
  • You wish you just had a mentor  with the knowledge and expertise that you could trust to help guide you through your financial freedom journey
  • You want to be the one that changes the trajectory of your families financial legacy, but sometimes you feel like you have a lot of pressure riding on your shoulders and you wish you didn’t have to do it on your own
If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you’ve come to the right place. 
The Melanin Millionaire Club has transformed our members'
relationship with money.
You’ll go from not knowing where to start and feeling stuck and confused to having:
on what your financial target is and how you should be marching towards it.
In where you are headed with your financial future, from the education and resources you’ve gained in the community and feeling empowered to make better decisions
Instead of your finances feeling like they run you, you will finally start to feel like you are the one who's running the show.
Here is what life could look like once you have your finances in order:
Having more peace of mind when it comes to your money and less anxiety and start hitting goals on auto pilot. Enjoying life without the guilt of spending money because you know you have a plan. You deserve financial freedom.
You can survive without community but you can’t thrive without one. When you join the community, you’ll instantly be connecting with other aspiring wealth builders that look just like you. You know they say you are the sum total of the 5 people closest to you, it's time to get around some Melanin Millionaires.
Membership Has its privileges, explore the benefits
What You’ll get:
My Pocket Advisor
Your personal financial assistant right in your pocket
Access to community of aspiring like-minded people all marching towards financial freedom
Money challenges
Your personal financial assistant right in your pocket
Money Milestones
Celebrate your wins along the way and unlock badges and milestones as you level up financially
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Guides and Resources
Access to free guides and resources
Financial Flix
Access to premium content organized by categories. Like Netflix, but for money
Classes and trainings to help you master your money exclusive to premium members
Investment Opportunities
Real-time its stock recommendations, Real Estate deals, private equity opportunities and more.
You will also get access to our flagship feature, My Pocket Advisor. Imagine having a financial advisor with you, right in your pocket wherever you go, helping you make better financial decisions. The cost of hiring a qualified financial advisor could be anywhere from $2500-$10,000+ per year, with Pocket advisor, you get personal money mentors, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.
When you search google, youtube or social media for answers to your money questions, there is a strong chance that you may come across information that may not be right for you. How would you ever know?
Taking courses, and educating yourself can be very helpful, but let's be honest, sometimes you just want to lean on the credibility and experience of experienced professionals to give you that reassuring feeling you’re making the right decision, that is exactly what you get with pocket advisor.
We use information that you share to provide insights that will be relevant to your personal financial life
  • How do you think I should allocate my bonus or side hustle money?
No complex money jargon, just real, actionable insights to help guide you and hold you accountable
  • Take some time this week to review your cash flow to make sure you can stay on track for the month, don't forget you have access to a template in on the network
Not a reactive bot simply telling you about what already happened, Pocket Advisor helps you avoid mistakes before they happen and help you make smarter financial decisions.